FFL Transfers

Ultimate Guns is happy to process your FFL transfer, including NFA products, such as Short Barreled Rifles & Shotguns, and silencers.  

Cost for a "normal" firearm, such as a rifle, shotgun or handgun are $25.  This includes filling out the ATF 4473 and NICS check. Law Enforcement Officers and ACTIVE DUTY Military members are $15. 

NFA items are typically $100.  Full Auto weapons transfers are 10% of the purchase price. 

Please note that we are a small shop, and not in the firearm storage business. If the firearm is left here more 30 days after receiving it, we will assume ownership of the firearm. Shipping a firearm to us signifiies that you accept this policy. 

If you have a FFL transfer request, please send us a note at support@ultimategunstore.com.


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