Vang Comp Systems Stainless Steel Magazine Follower
Vang Comp Systems Stainless Steel Magazine Follower

Vang Comp Systems Stainless Steel Magazine Follower

$ 22.00

The Remington 870 is a VERY sturdy shotgun. However, there are a few parts where Remington has cut costs to keep prices down. One of the most glaring instances are their cheap, plastic magazine followers. They can break, sending chunks of plastic to clog your magazine, or even worse, jam the action of your shotgun. 

I've tried several upgraded versions by different manufacturers, but this sturdy stainless steel unit by Vang Comp Systems is the ULTIMATE shotgun magazine follower.  Unlike the popular neon green unit from Arkansas, this follower doesn't have a brittle stem to break off.  The Vang Comp just works. 

The ol' reliable Vang Comp Stainless Steel Magazine Follower. These are turned from a solid piece of stainless steel bar-stock. This multitasking replacement for your factory-installed magazine follower not only travels smoother in your magazine tube due to it's reduced bearing surface but it actually collects dirt and debris from the inside of your magazine, thus making it easier for you to clean your gun. The tactical feature of this upgraded follower is the little hole on the receiver side of it. That hole allows the shotgun user to differentiate between a magazine tube with at least (1) shell remaining and a magazine with (0) shells remaining. No need to take your eyes off the action in the heat of battle or competition, just put your finger up through the bottom of your receiver and feel for either a flat (shell base, at least (1) shell remaining) or a hole (follower, empty).

Each stainless steel magazine follower features the following:

-All machined Stainless Steel magazine follower

-100% made in the USA

**Please note that the magazine dimples will need to be removed to install a new follower.